Project #CiviOneClick
From November 2023 to December 2024, we will focus on simplifying the installation and maintenance of CiviCRM. This project is made possible by funding from the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (“Deutschen Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt“) in the transform_d programme.

Our Association: Software für Engagierte e.V. (SfE)

We, Software für Engagierte e.V., are an association supporting the CiviCRM community. We offer a platform to get in touch with other users of software, especially CiviCRM. We encourage the community to find answers to questions and operate the Open-Source-Community-Portal (know-how platform) with numerous tools for exchange and collaboration.

We want to make CiviCRM more accessible

We are convinced that free software is the key to the digitalisation of the civil society. For us, there is no question that CiviCRM is the best CRM and fundraising solution for most non-profit organisations and initiatives.

CiviCRM has an enormous range of functions and fantastic flexibility. However, we also know that this and its relatively high technical requirements for installation and maintenance mean that it is often not easily accessible - especially for smaller organisations and initiatives. This is where we want to make CiviCRM (even) better!

Andreas Howiller and Detlev Sieber present the project at the transform_d Summit 2023 (Photo: ©DSEE/Bundesfoto/LS)
#CiviOneClick project manager Theresa Eberle
Networking: In dialogue with KolliCloud at the transform_d Summit 2023

Our goals

1. Make "trying out" possible

  • through vendor-independent 1-click demo systems
  • pre-configured variants for typical organisational forms

2. Simplify setup and maintenance

  • through modern deployment on an open source basis
  • creation of new technical standards for CiviCRM as an overall project

3. Improve knowledge exchange and self-learning

  • promote exchange, self-help & knowledge transfer through data protection-compliant test and "trial systems"
  • through the transfer of configuration options

Last but not least, we also want to use the project to gather and share experience for comparable free software projects.

How we do that

  • Fortunately, we're not starting from scratch with #CiviOneClick. Whether Ansible, Docker, Aegir, Buildkit, Spark... - many people in the international community have already tackled the topic. Community work is therefore an important component of the project: we will pool needs and experiences in the German and international CiviCRM community and recruit interested parties to participate.
  • Building on this, we will utilise a budget for the technical implementation of specific measures and place programming orders. We also support the conceptualisation and additional development activities in the community.
  • Finally, we involve the community with workshops, sprints and public relations work and communicate the results to the civil society.
  • The project is set up as a community initiative, is open to collaboration from the community and adapts its formats and tools to their needs. As project manager, Theresa Eberle holds all the threads together.


Sounds exciting? Would you like to get involved or do you have questions about the project? We look forward to hearing from you.

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